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Summary: A powerful and gifted ice wizard and necromancer that has a troubled past coming from another world.

Alvin Archer

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Gender: Male

Age: 325

Group: Villain


King of frozen death

Powers & Weakness

He is a powerful wizard who can control ice magic and necromancy. Any other magic he preforms will have some sort of ice effect to them and may not turn out the way he intends.

His weaknesses include a strong dislike of heat. Corpses are harder to control and require more energy/concentration until dead for 24 hours, they also will only obey simple commands in this state. Dead animals require less energy but will only preform simple tasks. He must drain his own energy or the energy of other living creatures and plants to preform his magic. He cannot drain energy from sentient beings without consent and even then cannot kill them this way.

He is easy to track as he leaves frozen footprints on the ground as he walks.

Physical Appearance

smooth and slightly pale skin. He has long flowing red hair and soft blue eyes. A snowflake birth mark is below his right eye and is the only flaw on his face. He stands at 6'5" but is not very muscular as he is built like a twig.

Personality and Interests

He can be cold and decisive. He doesn't like to waste time planning and would rather take action. He doesn't like working with others and views it as a necessary evil when he does. He wants to do what is right for himself first and then what benefits whatever subjects he may have. He likes to be a leader.

His top priorities are to establish a kingdom for himself and learn how this new land works and then return home to reconquer his empire.


any spells not in his specialty drain him quicker because of the ice effects and he has a strong dislike of spicy foods. Has trouble adjusting to his new environment as well.


He was born an elf of a rich noble family with many powerful wizards for siblings. He mastered every spell about ice he was taught the day it was taught and he was seen as a prodigy, but when he tried to learn other forms of magic they always had icy results. He went from a young prodigy to a family disgrace. He turned to non magical studies to try to impress his parents to only mild approval. He was a fast learner and learned many types of spells even though they all had the same frosted flavor to them. In an attempt to get rid of him his brother introduced him to necromancy hoping that even a failed zombie would be grounds for expulsion. To his surprise Alvin was as gifted in necromancy as he was in ice magic. He noticed his brother trying to sneak away and used mind reading magic to see his plans to turn him in to the authorities freezing the brain in the process. Alvin continued to self teach himself necromancy and when eventually discovered he was expelled from elf lands by force although he killed many of his siblings before they drove him away with fire and holy magic. They failed to kill him.

He spent a few years traveling the human lands keeping his magic a secret until one day he came on a town that was on fire and the locals were helpless to stop it. After he magically put it out the city hailed him as their savior and made him their king and he took a wife and ruled them well making them prosper. One day a neighboring city attacked with an army five times larger than his population so he met them with an army of the un-dead from the cities graveyards and was victorious. This prompted a reign of conquest causing his kingdom to grow. At first the people were content to fear and respect him and those he captured feared him the most. After a few generations the people became restless. Their dead were no longer buried and the land itself felt cold. They feared most of all his seemingly eternal youth. A plot was devised to banish him from their world and the next kings day celebration they tricked him into being apart of his own banishment. He appeared in the middle of a strange city in a strange land full of super powers. He now must build himself back up from scratch.

Favourite Sayings

"Out of my way, you don't understand my plight."

"So what if I can't do everything? I am good at what I can do."

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