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Summary: The fight inside ones self is harder than a physical challenge


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Gender: Femail

Age: 15

Group: Student Hero


Crystal's hero name is cat. As her other half tens to be most present when she is in life or death situations.

Powers & Weakness

Crystal has the ability to shapeshifter into any animal she wonts. However her abilitys come at a coust she can only hold the form of large animals for example big cats, elephants, and Hippos to name a few for vary short periods of time. Smaller more commen animals, for example house cats and birds for a longer period of time. Crystal also has a hitened Sence of smell and hearing, as well as some animal like instincts when she is in her true forum.

Physical Appearance

Crystal stands about 5 foot 3. She has pail skin, ice blue eyes, and long wight hair. She prefers to where her hair in a pony tail with a blue ribbon. She topically wears a light collered t-shirt and black pants. She also has ice blue tennis shoos

Personality and Interests

Crystal is quit bright and loves to learn. However she prefers to keep to herself. She likes art and music. She is also known to be a bit mistearous.


Crystal has a hard time controlling the animal side of her. Often times she feels like there are two people inside her head. Crystal herself and the animal instinks she calls cat. Crystal has found herself the subject of teasing becouse she refuses to socialize, she also has a tendince to stand up for the sidekicks which makes her very unpopular an often tins she makes more enamys then friends.


Crystal has grown up in a vary loving and supportive home. Even after her powers amereged when she was ten. Her parents however became woryed after Crystal started acting strangely. They hope this school will prove to be the answer.

Favourite Sayings

"Dose it make you happy to make everyone miscible"

" get out of my head"

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Image of Crystal
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