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Summary: "Either we're doin' this or we aren't! Make up your minds!"

Caed Nua

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

Razor sharp claws on paws.

Animalilian speed and agility.

Physical Appearance

Stands at 5 feet and 6 inches, shorter than most. His skin has an unnaturally dark hue to it, and his hair is also tinted blue but to a much lighter degree. Caed's legs are digitigrade, meaning that they have relatively long carpals and tarsals, and the bones which would correspond to the human ankle are thus set much higher in the limb than in a normal human. The rest of his frame, in comparison, is otherwise lackluster. He has sharp fangs and a tail that about doubles his height. Usually wears shorts along with a sleeveless and woolen shirt. He never wears shoes.

Personality and Interests

Caed is very spirited and rather loud and boisterous in all walks of life. Usually devotes large amounts of time and energy to one task, in his desire to see it completed. Enjoys pleasing people to a reasonable degree. Caed, despite being surrounded by people who would be deemed weird or strange, is rather self-conscious of his physical appearance, and can easily get defensive if he thinks someone is trying to undermine him because of the way he looks. Has shown a recurring tendency of promiscuity towards the same sex, and is known to be sexually active. Usually follows his friends Hayden and Veradux around.

Has a crush on Hayden.


Caed finds multitasking rather difficult, and when multiple things are thrown at him at once, he can be easily overwhelmed. So...not a fan of gangbangs, I take it?


Like his friends Hayden and Veradux, Caed was orphaned at a young age, and subjected to a variety of experiments, treated like a pet hamster all the while. Under the influence of some ancient and powerful technology, Caed was turned into a beast, almost completely unrecognizable. After Veradux, outraged by his own changes, attacked their captors, allowing for the trio's escape, they all began to stick together. To this day, they all live in the same apartment, and facing homelessness, are looking towards Hero High and the promise of Herodom as a means to pay their rent.

Favourite Sayings

"Don't call me 'kitty'!"

"I will seriously scatch you up!"

"Let's do this, guys!"

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Image of Caed Nua
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