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Summary: A kindhearted and somewhat crazy memory manipulator

Kasper Juseman (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Staff Member


In school: Kasper (despises being called Mr. Juseman)
On missions: The Forgotten

Powers & Weakness

Kasper can influence the memories of those around him, though doing so causes his own memories to twist in a similar fashion. He uses this primarily to travel unnoticed, or to help people in great distress.
He can also use this to cause people to become great friends or enemies on a whim.
Though his powers still work on supers with mental abilities, he can't control what they do, making the use on such people a gamble every time.

Physical Appearance

naturally blond, he dyes his hair red, a habit started because of his older brother that he never dropped. He stands 6 foot tall, and, due to his deteriorating mental state, seems lost most of the time.

Personality and Interests

A very caring individual, Kasper constantly gives more than he can afford to. This being said, when he becomes aggressive, he becomes extremely unsettling, and speaks in a calm, yet frightening tone.
He enjoys stories, both true and fictitious, and spends much of his free time reading comics and novels.
Continued use of his powers have made him go somewhat crazy, with his false memories beginning to overlap, their continuity becoming questionable. Once he realized, through the help of friends and allies, that his mind was becoming a maze, he began to keep extremely detailed journals which he keeps under tight security in his office.


Kasper constantly puts other far before him, putting himself at great risk for others.
He has a hard time creating lasting connections with people. Because he has control over their memories, he fears that he has made people like him, and then forgotten that he did so.


In his twenties, Kasper ran covert opps for a small government organization (Building 12), being able to walk through anywhere, and have his presence go completely forgotten. He would control interrogations, in which he would make people trust him more than themselves, and get everything.
He was considered one of the countries greatest assets until his deteriorating mind became apparent in his early thirties.
He "retired" from building 12, and began working at Hero High as a student counselor, in which he used his powers to help students cope with extreme situations they were in.
After a decade of this, it was decided that the students should learn to deal with their issues without his mental influence, and that he has burdening himself too much. Many students still know his history, and will come to him for advice or help.
He now teaches an elective on "covert powers" which focuses on teaching students how to use their powers without drawing attention to themselves.
He is still on-call for building 12, and they bring him in on certain missions, though he has become reluctant in doing so, he still always accepts.

Favourite Sayings

As a teacher: If you forget your work, I'll make you remember your failures.
As "The Forgotten": Where will your happy place be, when I burn it from your mind, and replace it with fear?

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