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Summary: When we fight, I won't give flight.

Alex Diata (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

The ability to use objects and transform their significance into powers. She also learns the long and complicated histories of the object when she uses her power on them, but if they are significant they may be addictive to her due to their power... which means it's harder for her to let go.

As it turns out however, the relic doesn't need to have validity to create the power but instead must have significance, meaning things like a peice of the fiji mermaid being able to give her some abilities, while even if a real mermaid existed a peice of her would not.

Known relics:

- A feather, which appears to be of a massive falcon of some kind, which was once believed to be a peice of an angel: Allows her to fly with the wings of an angel.

Physical Appearance

Blond hair, blue eyes, she's the epitome of charm, but she's rather tomboyish and many mistake her for a boy.

Personality and Interests

Interested in history, she loves to use her abilities to learn about historically significant objects. However, she sometimes has to steal to gain access to them, and she is often in trouble for trying to use something like the constitution as a weapon in school.


Somewhat greedy, she'll naturally try to hord the objects she uses in her vaults as a sort of museum. She sometimes wont let them go, which is why people try to keep her out of the smithsonian and other such places nowadays.


Growing up among historians agrivated her power at a young age, and when her father discounted an angel feather as fake and she picked it up... well they had alot of trouble when her brand new wings distorted the air.

Favourite Sayings

"Oh, mind if I hold onto that peice of memorbelia for you?"

"And I'll just take that for a second."

"ohhh! pretty"

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Image of Alex Diata (NPC)
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