Image of Professor Deckard Wolfe

Summary: Black Hole's Son

Professor Deckard Wolfe

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: Staff Member



Powers & Weakness

Creation of miniature black holes
Weakness- not immune to his own power

Physical Appearance

Tall, fit, see image.

Personality and Interests

Cocky Alpha-male personality. Traces of his villain past still linger though he does not harm people. Only the slight selfishness remains. Interests include but are not limited to booze, women, and being seen as a good guy for once. Takes an interest in helping kids figure out the best way to use their powers.


Risk taker.


WIP (Fill out asap)

Favourite Sayings

"Show me what you got."
"Nothing escapes."

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Image of Professor Deckard Wolfe
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