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Summary: A stinky hero living under the streets

Sewer Urchin (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 36

Group: Hero


Aliases: Stinky, Buckethead, Champion of the Sewage System

Powers & Weakness

Debilitating Stench: His smell is enough to disable the android Doorman, who is very powerful.

Grappling Can: a grapple launcher disguised as a tin can.
Submarine: he has a "lovely submarine", which he uses to navigate the sewers, and store his findings.

Physical Appearance

See pic
Flabby build

Personality and Interests

Sewer Urchin is an unusual fellow: he wallows in the sewers, and yet, he loves it. He is the protector of the sewer's people, and unafraid to risk his life to save his home. He is often mocked by Major Victory for his smell and habits, and is secluded from missions because nobody wants him around.


He comes off as stuttering fool as he has trouble communicating with others.
He lacks confidence in himself.
His powers on work on those with a nose.
He can only use stink attacks.


When Urchin first appeared, it seemed that the League of Heroes were not eager to befriend him. They gave him the cold shoulder and quickly got the heck out of dodge. He's since stopped many crimes with them, and they once traveled with him to the sewers, were he is revered, to stop the Sewer Czar's evil plot. However he has been overwhelmed by the number of villains hiding in the sewers and is on the fence on how to treat them.

Favourite Sayings

Definitively bad.....

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Image of Sewer Urchin (NPC)
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