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Summary: He is a paladin trained to fight necromancers and seeks to kill any necromancer he meets.

Rothog the holy fire

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Gender: Male

Age: 48

Group: Other


Rothog the holy fire

Powers & Weakness

He is skilled with the sword and shield. His equipment keeps him safe from ice magic and repels the undead. He is extremely gifted in fire and holy magic so much so that any spell he casts has an added holy element.

unfortunately he only knows fire and spells that combat the undead and Necromancy. He knows no healing spells

He can be increasingly stubborn and is of very little use without his weapons and armor. He cannot replenish his magic quickly in a natural way and thus relies a lot on potions.

Physical Appearance

He is dressed in holy paladin gear, carries a magical kite shield, and has a flaming sword.

He has brown hair and a brown beard with green eyes. He keeps himself well groomed at all times.

Personality and Interests

He hates the undead and necromancers as he has been raised with such views. He wishes to kill all necromancers, but Alvin specifically.

He will do whatever it takes to complete his missions, but he cares for the life of every soldier he commands.


Knows little of how to interact with people or how the world works. Anything that does not revolve around fighting and magic is a mystery to him.

He has a magic item that can be used to make a one way portal home.


He was raised from birth to fight against the king of frozen death. His talent for holy magic was discovered at a young age and thus was singled out to become a leader of the growing resistance against the necromancer rulers. When another brace of the rebellion banished the king war broke out between the rebels and the children of the necromancer king even as the children fought amongst themselves. Rothog lead many battles to victory in this time. When a prophesy foretelling king Alvin’s return became widespread Rothog and an army of 100 men were sent to the plane Alvin was banished to with the hopes of finnishing him off.

Favourite Sayings

“Meet your end by my righteous fire.”

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Image of Rothog the holy fire
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