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Summary: The White Rose, they call her, as she is more pure than her sister but still as deadly.

Lyrricia Sanguine Flinton

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Villain


The White Rose

Powers & Weakness

Angelic and Demonic being, like her sister, she is weak to both kinds of weapons to the point of rebirth, like her father.

Physical Appearance

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Personality and Interests

A nice, two faced girl who secretly wants to murder everyone she crosses paths with. She is, however interested in human culture, and is quite the academic.


She puts her feelings before reason and logic, and sometimes suffers because of it.


She was born to Lucifer LVI and Roselia Lilith, her birth resulted in the death of her mother, as when she was delivered, an unkown human hero caught Roselia in her weakness following pregnancy and ended her life for good with the lost Sword of Thanatos.

Favourite Sayings

Sorry for the burden.
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Image of Lyrricia Sanguine Flinton
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