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This is an old character & has been deleted.

Image of Alexsander Freerider

Summary: The Half Demon Overlord

Alexsander Freerider

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Student Hero


Half demon overlord, or HDO

Powers & Weakness

Demon transformation: He can transform his body into that of a demon.
His weakness are holy base attacks and has immunity to demonic base attacks

Physical Appearance

The pic 5 ft tall

Personality and Interests

protective, reckless, an idiot at times.
He wants to clean his family's name.


Gets angry easily, can go berserk when fully transform as a demon.


Alexsander comes a family of villains and wildcards, but it wasn't always like that. The first of the Freeriders we're heroes, but power corrupted the newer ones. Alexsander left his family so he could become a hero and return the Freeriders as a family of heroes, not villains

Favourite Sayings

" Let's get this party started!"

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Image of Alexsander Freerider
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