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Summary: Sassy, strong and victorious.

Adeline Castiel

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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Student Hero


- mostly goes by Cas

Powers & Weakness

-She is able to absorb energy from the stars. (This includes the sun)
-being "full" on energy. Gives her enhanced speed and strength.
She can then use the energy to emit a burst of pure energy. It looks like like a tranlusant but solid sparkling universe.
She most often uses it from.her hands and feet to project herself up walls. And adding an extra ummph to her punches.
However she could also use it as a shield or anything she can pictire as long as she could hold on to the manifestation.
-She heals faster then a normal human but not too much. And her aging seems slowing down.
If she is underground for too long she starts to get ill. Depending on how much energy she has consumed could be a short period or a few days.
- she is allergic to the sun. (She thinks that because her skin absorbs more energy from the sun and the absorbsion burns her nerve endings.) When she cmgoes outside she is usually covered from her feet to a hat or hood.
-if she uses up too much energy in a short amount of time she gets ill. Sum times her skin will get cuts from passing too much energy through her body.

Physical Appearance

She is 5'9. 130ish lbs.
She is in shape but not overly muscular. She has enough curves that you wouldnt mistake her for anything but female.
Her hair is a slightly metalic mixtures of rosegolds. From pale to dark.
It is thick and straight to her jaw line. She keeps 3 braids in the right side.
Her face has a strong jaw and high cheek bones but her skin is a pale snow white. It makes her look more fragile. Almost delicate.
Her eyes are large and almond shaped. Her irises are the colour if the nights sky. Such a dark blue that they should havr looked black.but they dont.

Personality and Interests

She loves a good fight. She would love to tell you that she didn't start fights that she only finished them but she often starts them. (Although it was always for the right reasons.)
- she as a interest in photograpy.


She doesnt really have a filter for what she says.
She acts before thinking sometimes. - always runs towards a fire.
-she has a Glasgow Smile scar.


She was born in a cult in a small camp only 124 people. In rural canada.
Because of her unique colouring the leader of the cult thought she was touched by the gods.
Her powers didnt activate till after she turned 17 when the leader cut a smile onto her face.
Now she is at the school and on a new path.

Favourite Sayings

No sayings but she likes to raise one eyebrow.

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Image of Adeline Castiel
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