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Summary: Let her take you to bed, and leave you there.

Shia LeBraulle

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Villain



Powers & Weakness

Can make people fall asleep by touching them. Also trained in multiple martial arts. Doesn't need to sleep.

Physical Appearance

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Personality and Interests

A quiet person, she often falls for boys too easy, she finds herself inside her own head. She loves to read.


Gullible, often falls for schemes too easily,


She found her powers when she was little, she never slept. Often reading through the night as not to bug her parents, she became obsessed with books. She came into contact with Atarishianna when she accidentally swapped books with her and came into contact with black magic spells, which for her own benefit she cannot perform. She was recruited by Atshi in the summer between year 2 and 3.

Favourite Sayings

Shhh.... Goodnight.

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Image of Shia LeBraulle
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