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Summary: Crystal, looking good in her form fitting leather approached the man, offering her hand and a smile.

Crystal Stahl

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

Able to connect to the nervous system and alter memories or change actions with touch

Can hack into any electronics by touch

Susceptible to computer viruses, if system not proteceted

Physical Appearance

5’ 6”
Sexy Brunette
Deep Brown Eyes

Personality and Interests

Making a living on her own


Needs to find friends to add a sense of security

Has been on her own since 13, being pimped out

She sees her abilities as a curse (reason she’s on her own) and a blessing (does not actually have to do the deed to make money, just make the man think it was done by putting the memory of it in his mind)


The daughter of Michael and Jennifer Stahl, she was kicked out of her home because of the fear of her abilities. This occurred after her slimey uncle cornered her alone in her room and attempted to force himself on her. Out of instinct, Crystal’s abilities came to her as he grabbed her hand and placed them on his private parts. Crystal connected with his nervous system and shut down his heart. Her father couldn’t handle her killing his brother and blamed the incident on her.

Favourite Sayings

“We’ve made a connection.”

“I’m in.”

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Image of Crystal Stahl
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