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Summary: Has mental powers and can alter reality at a whim... if his powers are actually working right...

Nicholas Marr

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Student Hero


Dark Abode

Powers & Weakness

Nick has reasonably good skills in hand to hand combat though prefers to stay at range.

Nick is Psychic and exceedingly powerful if able to concentrate but rendered powerless if rendered unable to concentrate. His powers fluctuate arbitrarily from being able to bend reality itself around his fingers to being unable to lift a grain of rice a few millimeters.

Causing him physical pain or disrupting his concentration in any way also tends to render his powers either unstable or non-functional.

A host of health issues make day to day living hard for him. Migraines, arbitrary bleeding from his eyes, nose and ears, hallucinations and mood-swings are just a few problems his powers cause.

Physical Appearance

Nick is moderately tall at 6'2 and in reasonably good shape. His hair is black and set in a pompadour cut and he always wears shades over his eyes. Prominent scars are visible over one of his arms.

Personality and Interests

People Watching
Stirring the shit pot
Maniacal Chuckling


Nick's powers are unreliable at the best of times and he has a hard time with the side effects. He can sometimes be a bit too sure of his own intelligence and can feel threatened by other smart people in the room.

People that are taller than him make him irrationally angry for some reason and the mental side effects of his powers can leave him non-functional in a multitude of ways.


Nick travels a lot, looking to see the world and get up to a lot of crazy adventures. Recently he was placed in Hero High and hasn't tried to escape yet but might if he gets bored.

Favourite Sayings

"Blessed are the cracked, for it is they who let in the light."

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Image of Nicholas Marr
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