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Summary: Solaris has managed to keep Hero High somewhat controlled despite the antics of the students.

Principle Linda Carson

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Gender: Female

Age: 42

Group: Staff Member



Principle Solaris

Powers & Weakness

Linda's superpowers involved gravity control and levitation, which were powered by sunlight. She also wears a special suit that absorbs light to boost her powers and allow her to levitate. However since her powers are solar powered they are at their weakest at night time and barely work under florescent light, which really cuts into her night life.

Physical Appearance

Linda is about 5'11" with light skin, an knock out body, blue eyes and black curly hair. Her costume is a skintight blue one piece with hood and optional goggles.

Personality and Interests

Linda is a nice, intelligent and outgoing woman, but has a tendency to find fault in others which makes her perfect as a Principle since students are usually guilty of something. Linda does enjoy working out, dancing and fighting crime, but due to her power weakness she had to find different ways to deal with her problems. Using her charm and good looks helped Linda deal with most of her minor issues, but sometimes she found herself way over her head.


She is dependent on the sun for power. She relies on solar collectors to keep her powered up at night. She also struggles with dating as well.


Linda was always a cute and popular girl as she grew up. However after learning about her powers she realized the bar she set on herself was rather high. As an overachiever Linda managed to become Valedictorian and Prom Queen during her time at Hero High. It wasn't till much later that her weakness was accidentally revealed during a solar eclipse. Since then she had a lot of trouble from villains as well as her love life. At that point she began to find fault in others to compensate for her insecurities. After working for six months in Alaska with nonstop light she got sun sickness and was asked to retire. To help her get on her feet she was offered a teaching job at Hero High and worked her way up to Principle. Since then she has managed to keep Hero High somewhat controlled despite the antics of the students.

Favourite Sayings

I don't think so!

Looks like someone wants a timeout in the Anti-Power Chamber!

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Image of Principle Linda Carson
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