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Summary: Skip is way to nice and his whole life has been dedicated to people using him.

Mr. Skip Marsters (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Staff Member



Mr. Jupiter

Powers & Weakness

Skip's has the power of absorbency and expulsion of a variety gases, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. By manipulating the gases in a combination with electrical discharges he can create gale-force bursts. Skip wears a special suit that can create small bursts of fire and electricity to help ignite his gases.

Physical Appearance

Skip is extremely over weight with blond hair, brown eyes and light colored skin. Though he tries to stay groomed any amount of work causes him to sweat a lot.

Personality and Interests

Skip is a nice guy and by that he is way to nice. His whole life has been dedicated to people taking advantage of him. Girls hit him up for money all the time and guys picked on him for being overweight. Skip suffered from hypoglycemia lacked the will to stand up for himself and even today is considered a sidekick by the staff. Skip often escapes reality by playing online games where he is the tall, dark, super strong hero type that gets all the girls. When Skip is not teaching or gaming he likes to watch soaps while snacking on a nine course meal.


Skip is a nice guy and by that he is way to nice. His whole life has been dedicated to people taking advantage of him. He also struggles with his weight as well.


Skip has been picked on his whole life due to his average IQ and weight problem. Even after gaining his super powers things seemed to get worse for him. Since his powers were gas based he always found himself at "Butt" of many jokes. Since Skip lacked confidence in himself he never fully developed his powers to their full potential. After several dismal years as a temporary sidekick to over a hundred Heroes, Skip retired and took up teaching at the request of Principle Carson who seems to be the closest to a friend he has even though it is mostly pity. Despite his drawbacks Skip is very knowledgeable about the world of sidekicks and teaches the sidekicks the dos and don'ts of assisting a Hero in crime fighting.

Favourite Sayings

It's ok I do that a lot too.

Ice cream makes it all better.

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Image of Mr. Skip Marsters (NPC)
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