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Summary: Sharona isn't completely incapable of being kind to others, despite how cruel she can seem at times.

Sharona Orpheus

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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Student Hero



Ghost Princess

Powers & Weakness

Sharona has the ability to produce spectral replicas that she can control. These replicas can come in different forms and are all immune to physical attacks. The most basic of these forms are Negative Ghosts. Should a person pass through one of these, they will immediately fall on their knees and become very negative about themselves. These replicas can also be used to gather information from different areas.

Though the power of the user's Negative Ghosts are seemingly unavoidable, they have no effect on a person who is originally pessimistic about him or her self.

She can also produce rounder looking replicas called Mini-hollows, which have the ability to create shock-wave explosions. The strength of the explosions is directly proportional to the size of the hollow; the larger the hollow, the more powerful the explosion.

Should Sharona wish to, she can link her consciousness to many Negative Ghosts to create her "ghost network" which she uses to gather information about the goings on around an area like school. She can also use this ability as a form of astral projection; Sharona projects her own "hollow" or spirit which looks exactly like her, is impervious to physical attack, can summon ghost replicas, change size, fly, and is intangible. However to perform either of these moves Sharona's physical body must remain limp and unconscious.

New Power: Levitation/Flight - She can control her self in the air but can only fly up to 30mph so far.


While she is projecting her spirit, the only way to harm her is to injure her defenseless, unconscious body.

She seems to have katsaridaphobia, a fear of cockroaches, even to the point of screaming and crying helplessly.

Physical Appearance

Sharona has big round black eyes. Her hair is light pink colored and very long. Sharona's physical strength is rather lacking, to be completely honest. As a young human girl, she’s really not anyone to look at twice in terms of muscle strength. Her feet are usually seen with her toes pointing inwards in a 'pigeon-toed' manner. This affectation is rather common to Lolita style Goths, and female fashion bloggers. It differs significantly from the medical condition, which is caused by a twisted shin bone, rather than the conditioning of the feet, and causes considerable hindrance in standing, walking and running.

Her looks are inspired by the 'Gothic Lolita' style, with black, white and bright red. Sharona's usual hair style has it tied in two high pigtails with somewhat flower-shaped black and white hairpins, and she always wears a red crown with a cross on top. Her tights cover her entire legs and wears a mini-skirt and red buckled boots to match. She is always wearing red lipstick and a thick layer of eyeliner. She is often seen carrying around a red umbrella shaped somewhat like a cute version of a mini devil.

Personality and Interests

Sharona is confident and firm with herself. She dislikes people telling her what to do and dislikes anyone disobeying her will. Despite this, she is normally loyal to Zach and apparently sees him as a good friend. She is not completely incapable of being kind to others, despite how cruel she can seem at times. She does have a heart under all that bratty, self-indulgent flack and she does use it from time to time, even if the outcome won’t benefit her in a substantial way. In short, Sharona is capable of caring for others outside herself. It’s a rare occurrence, but it is possible. She is a mature and intelligent young lady, even if she does not show it a great of the time and acts the opposite.

Despite her misgivings as being bratty and immature, Sharona is actually very intelligent. Sharona always goes into battle with a set plan in mind, and can come up with a new one with relative ease. She knows how to use her powers as well as her wit in the best possible ways, when to use them, and how to utilize them to gather the best results. Sharona may be “pompous” as she’s referred to by Zach, but she is not an idiot. Her battle tactics are actually frighteningly effective, and build up to the point where she starts to get physical.

Sharona's tactics include using planning and mainly intimidation and scare tactics to warp her opponent’s mind. A frightful and jumpy opponent cannot think straight or make rational decisions – which is exactly what she aims for. Sharona uses her opponent’s fear to overpower them mentally before getting physical with her large and tiny hollows. Her strategies are ones that attack the mind and spirit first and foremost. She acts cocky, confident, and so sure of herself that it, in effect, intimidates her opponents. If her foes think they cannot win, then she’s achieved one goal, and can further her ploy of getting them to surrender or defeat them. Confidence in any battle can play a great role in the outcome.

She apparently likes cute creatures and has spent a lot of her allowance on plushys. Her dream is to create a country where all the cute people are turned into zombie animals that obey only her. Her desire for cute things gives her a slight childish outlook on some issues. She is very playful, threatening to burst Zach's heart when she was in her ghost form. Zach nearly died of the fear itself, and got enraged when Sharona simply laughed it off, saying she could do no such thing.

She seems to have katsaridaphobia, a fear of cockroaches, even to the point of screaming and crying helplessly.


Sharona is mean and sarcastic especially towards Zach who she considers her personal slave. She is very gothy and likes to pick on jerks.


Sharona grew up with her single father, Dr. Malachi Orpheus, who is a strange mystic. Sharona' mother Cordelia left when she was young and moved to a mystic realm for witches. Now and then Sharona talks to her through a magic mirror, but their relationships is very weak since Cordelia is very petty and hates her ex husband Dr. Orpheus. From the stress of the broken family, mystic world and being the weird kid in class, Sharona developed a very domineering personality. It was the only way she was able to control her emotions in order to prevent loosing control of her powers.

Dr. Orpheus's speeches are filled with overly dramatic phrases, delivered in a theatrically grandiose voice with extreme emphasis on mundane topics, usually over a background of ominous trumpet-laden music, implying the pun, "Dr. Obvious". Despite her fathers dramatics, Sharona is very resourceful and formed a bond with her lifetime friend Zach Bell who became her only childhood friend since others kids found her to weird. After over ten years of friendship with Zach and insane power training with her father, Sharona was eager to get high school over with since it will interfere with her collection of cute plushy dolls.

Favourite Sayings

Aren't we confident? I'll soon fix that!

Lets see how tough you are while begging on your knees!

Kneel before your Princess!

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