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Summary: An easygoing youth with teleportation abilities and a rebellious undercurrent.

Zalman Carpenter

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

Zal can open up portals between different physical locations, effectively allowing for teleportation between these points. The portals can be sized anywhere from a pinhole, to large enough to drive a car through. The larger the portal, though, the more effort he has to exert to open it and keep it open. He can only maintain one portal at a time, currently.

Maximum range for distance between two points that Zal can bridge is currently about 500 miles, though it seems it will increase with time and practice. He is limited to opening portals to places that he's actually seen before (or at least been given a mental image of).

Physical Appearance

Zal is slight of build and not overly tall. He stands about 5' 5", and has fair skin and blond, moppish hair. His eyes seem slightly large, and are a blue-grey. He has thin lips and a small nose. His features could be described as fine, or even delicate.

Personality and Interests

Zal is, outwardly, quiet and laid-back. He is not particularly shy, he just doesn't tend to draw a lot of attention to himself, preferring to let other people do talking and leading. This is not to say that he's a wallflower, as he will share his opinion when he feels the situation merits it, and is not hesitant to approach people that he hasn't met yet.

He's also got an undercurrent of rebelliousness. It isn't out and out anarchism, but he definitely doesn't trust the system or the authorities. While he's not openly defiant, he's often eager to bend or break the rules if it seems that the situation calls for it.

Zal's powers give him the ability to move people and things about very easily. This has lead to him being a well-known (in the right circles) source for contraband and less-than-advisable favors. While Zal doesn't deal in anything nasty like drugs, if you want cigarettes or booze, or a trip to that 21-and-up nightclub, he can help you out...for the right price.


Zal doesn't have any abilities that are particularly geared for combat. He can make creative use of his portals to redirect attacks, but if he gets hit, he's as vulnerable as any human.

While Zal's generally good natured, his willingness to skirt authority and bend rules can get him into trouble.


Zal is the youngest of three children, born to Steve and Donna Carpenter. Steve possesses minor abilities to see through walls, but Donna and the other children have not exhibited any metahuman capabilities.

By the time Zal was eight, Steve and Donna's marriage fell apart and Donna got the majority of custody of the children. When Zal turned 13, however, he started manifesting his abilities. Donna called Steve with the discovery, and he, in turn, called some contacts to get Zal enrolled at Hero High.

Favourite Sayings

"Just because I'm on the side of the heroes doesn't mean I trust The Man."

"Some rules are there to be broken. And some are there to be bent. Knowing what's what is the difference between being a rebel and a criminal."

"No worries, I can hook you up."

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