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Summary: You'll wish we hadn't crossed paths.

Jackson Fechimier

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Villain



Powers & Weakness

Immunity to Pain

Limited Healing Factor

Downside is inability to notice being crippled. Takes several hours to heal.

Physical Appearance

Commonly wears a hoodie and a skull mask. 5'8, has a rather daunting appearance.

Personality and Interests

Has an irresistible desire to kill or hurt anyone with a pure heart or good intentions. He is like a machine, unwilling to stop until the job is done, no matter the cost. He doesn't enjoy killing, but literally can't help it.


Inability to stop perusing his prey, inability to notice wounds.


When he was five, he murdered his parents. When the police came, he killed them too. He murdered an entire police force as soon as he was old enough to walk. It took a hero to detain him, but even then, he wouldn't stop. He would go as far as breaking his own limbs to escape his confines and kill his captors. He was put into maximum security, and his room was made to be inescapable. He punched the door until it weakened and the hinges broke, a process which took years. Finally, he escaped and is wanted to this day.

Favourite Sayings

"You're dead."

"You're mine."

"Stop running."

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Image of Jackson Fechimier
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