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Summary: Wants to be treated how he looks

Sky Free

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Student Sidekick


Flower Child

Powers & Weakness

Power to grow flowers

Physical Appearance

Very short and skinny with blue eyes and short and long hair and he also has braces. Even though he is a boy would would think other wise.

Personality and Interests

He loves music video games and candy. He is also scatter brained, clumsy, and even when he does listen he has this look like he was not paying attention.


Weak physically and emotionally


He was an only child living with his dad who has a power that landed him a side kick job as well being able to eat anything does not really save the day that often, but never the less he was proud to see Sky be a sidekick like him. Sky is odd and gets picked on a lot for being so strange but he keeps being himself despite this.

Favourite Sayings

please just leave me alone.

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Image of Sky Free
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