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Summary: Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad.

Stephanie Smith (NPC)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Student Hero


The Conscience

Powers & Weakness

Stephanie has the ability to send either an angel or demon towards a target to influence them to do the right or wrong thing.

Physical Appearance

Long, bubble gum pink hair that stops just below her chest, and storm gray eyes, Stephanie stands to be around 5'7".

Personality and Interests

Stephanie is mostly seen lost in thought, which usually gains her the reputation of the silent girl, but behind all of the day dreaming and wondering, Stephanie is just like the average girl.


Every since Stephanie has been at Hero High, she has made only a few friends, and most of the friends she did have, she became distant from them and lost interest. At home Stephanie has a younger brother who is 15 and the average mother and father. Even though her parents carry no known powers, her and her brother, carry the unique abilities themselves. At Hero High, she is currently unplaced as a hero, or sidekick, for the staff is unsure what she is and is not capable of doing. In result half of her classes are hero classes, while the other half are meant for sidekicks.

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Image of Stephanie Smith (NPC)
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