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Summary: Death is just the beginning.

Sani Blin

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Villain


Villan: Death Angel
Friend: Martyr

Powers & Weakness

Can sprout wings to fly and has extreme regeneration capabilities. His powers are stronger under moonlight.

His power, if used continuously, will drain him of his energy, and he requires some kind of rest after long-term usage. Also, if he takes a life-threatening blow (ie: to the heart, or decapitation), he will be encased in a giant crystal, and spend an unknown amount of time healing. In this state, he is vulnerable to more attacks, but only if they can penetrate the crystal.

Physical Appearance

Long black hair falls off his head in a messy mop. His skin is unearthly pale, and he has slightly pointed, elfish like ears. Whenever he is regenerating, pale crystals form where he was hurt and burst outwards after he is healed. He also carries a large array of metal weapons (guns, swords, daggers) inside his trenchcoat.

Personality and Interests

Is generally a dark person, who doesn't enjoy talking to others, unless, of course, the topic was either darkness, blood, or some other topic that's rather...depressing. Otherwise, his other hobbies are secret to others (except for his interest in torture of all sorts), and he often disappears without anyone's consent.


He still has the ability to care.


He prefers that no one knows much about his former life. Also because he was said to be a "hero" before by a few people...

And by few people he meant people in heaven, and by hero he meant angel.

The real reason Sani calls himself the death angel is because despite his lineage and his positive environment, deep down, he was never truly good. So one day, when he got the chance to go to the underworld to visit just how the other souls lived, what did he do? He went. Or, tried to. The trip got canceled halfway, and frustrated beyond belief, Sani jumped out and...well

Went to the human world.

He tried to sever all connections, but everyone has a soft spot, and his was murder. In his few months of villainy, he has yet to kill a soul. Yet.

Life 2: He still met up with Luciane, through her mind-searching power for evil. He is currently annoyed out of the living hell at just being her "steward boy", as he would put it, and is already on the path to evil.

Favourite Sayings

"Morior Invictus... (except I can't exactly die)."

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Image of Sani Blin
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