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Summary: A marooned alien girl with an obsession with Hollywood wild west culture.

Sally Jo (Sallallaria Jolillia)

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Gender: Female

Age: 35 (Looks 17)

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

Sally-Jo's alien heritage affords her a few benefits. She ages at about half the rate of humans (thus why she appears as a teenager, despite her years). Her physiology is also superior to an average human's (she is about twice as strong as a human, and more resilient to injury as well). She heals quickly and has excellent reflexes and dexterity. Her eyesight is especially well developed, and she can see small details at a distance with the clarity of a Terran bird of prey.

She packs twin laser pistols that she wears in holsters slung low on her hips. She is an extremely fast draw and an extremely good shot. Unfortunately, not everybody is comfortable with her wearing them in public, and she often is forced to stow them away somewhere -- a fact that she resents.

Sally also has "Silver", a robotic stallion that she had custom built for her before she left her homeworld. Silver looks like a metallic horse with glowing red eyes. However, he is able to convert from running to an ion thruster system that allows both atmospheric and extraplanetary flight. He can talk, but seldom does.

Physical Appearance

Sally Jo is tall (5' 11") and athletically built. She is well developed for a teenaged girl, having definitely come into womanhood. She has orange skin and long purple hair that falls past her shoulders. Her eyes are pale green, with large pupils. Her ears are slightly pointed, though usually covered by her hair and the ever-present cowboy hat. She has attractive, well-balanced features and a wide smile that is usually on display.

Personality and Interests

Sally Jo is excited to be here! Life on earth is a breath of fresh air from the stuffy aristocracy of her homeworld. She wants to learn all that she can about earth people and customs and practices. As such, she is outgoing, inquisitive and talkative.

Prior to actually /coming/ to earth, Sally's only exposure to human speech and behavior was by watching old spaghetti westerns that had been somehow picked up across the vastness of space. Thus, she models her speech and behavior off of the gunslingers in the Hollywood depiction of the old west. She wears a cowboy hat constantly, carries twin laser pistols, talks with an affected drawl and is chock full of pithy colloquialisms. She has noticed that not everyone on earth acts or speaks like this, but, for now, has seen no reason to change.


Sally Jo comes from an alien planet light years away that is bridged to our galaxy via a wormhole. Radio waves travel both ways through the wormhole, but matter only flows from their side to ours. Thus, while they could observe and listen to earth, they were never able to send actual visitors.

Sally Jo, as a member of the ruling aristocracy, had several obligations that she loathed. She was expected to be proper, to follow protocol, and, worst of all, marry her second cousin in three months time, in order to cement family alliances. For her part, Sally would have preferred watch more earth westerns, or practice target shooting, or go for a ride on her custom robotic steed, Silver.

On the day of the wedding, Sally decided that enough was enough. She wasn't going to live as a pampered, yet captive, aristocrat. Instead of showing up at the altar, she hijacked a star cruiser and plotted a course for the wormhole. Her family gave chase, but they did not dare enter the wormhole, knowing there was no known means of return. They pleaded with her to turn back, but she forged ahead and blasted through the time/space disturbance.

The trip was rough and the ship was badly damaged, but still barely functional when it emerged within the Milky Way galaxy. She plotted a course to earth and it took all of the remaining power the vessel had to make it that far. Her landing was more of a controlled crash, and when she came to, she was in the custody of the United States military, who had been tracking her descent as soon as she penetrated US airspace.

They held Sally Jo for a few months while they ran tests and did research. They finally decided that she was not an immediate threat and made arrangements to release her to the custody of Hero High. Even though she did not have terribly unusual abilities, they decided that the school would be best equipped to handle her...unique circumstances.


"Best to scurry on back to the hole you came from varmint. I'm packin' a mean laser and I ain't afraid to draw on ya!"

"Don't get'cher hedgerow in a bustle now!"

"Yeeeeehaw! Let's ride!"

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Image of Sally Jo (Sallallaria Jolillia)
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