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Summary: An anarchist is one thing. An anarchist with creativity is another.

Luciane Octavos

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Villain


Red Eye

Powers & Weakness

Can bend the minds of those who have a darkness in their hearts, and strengthen the powers of those who have embraced it.

Physical Appearance

Tall, lean, and often wears a gray hoodie. Also has unnaturally pale skin, and dark black hair. Wears a gasmask to cover up an injury that had been acquired a long time ago. Eyes glow red every time her power is used, and voice is scratchy, like a broken record.

Personality and Interests

She has always been a natural genius, and enjoys to make new and interesting machines. Is really creativity and has an undying urge to always sprout her mouth off. Her happy attitude is a twisted one, and often laughs at others pains and weakness. Is also what is called "anti-social", if you can call anti-social talking about death, torture, blood, and overthrowing superiors. Essentially, she is an anarchist.


From an early life, she was always had an odd love towards bullying. Now, this part of her had been overlooked, mainly because of her unnaturally good grades. Still, she had been pulled out of dozens of classes, and busses, and even trains, all because of her horrid attitude. Finally, her parents couldn't take it anymore, and kicked her out of there house. She then started her own little shop, and started making little toys and machines out of scrap metal. This small shop grew, and grew, and grew, until it was a giant company, that sold all sorts of electronics, cars and other mechanics. And at the very top, running a secret division of evil doers, was Luciane.


"I am the evil lor-oh wait, I need the lights to flicker."

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Image of Luciane Octavos
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