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Summary: Dr. Lena Hotlips is an amazing Dr, but has a weakness for bad boys.

Dr. Lena Hotlips (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Staff Member


Dr. Hotlips

Powers & Weakness

Dr. Lena Hotlips has the ability to heal minor wounds with psychic energy and can also use her psychic energy in surgery. It allows her to make precise incisions and then doubles as a means to heal a wound. Of course this takes a lot of energy form the Dr. and can leave her exhausted if she can not rest between patients.

Physical Appearance

She has Blonde hair, blue eyes, a models figure and a sweet and charming personality.

Personality and Interests

Dr. Lena Hotlips is a sweet and charismatic woman who is an amazing surgeon. However she suffers from bad decision making in dating. She has a weakness for villains when it comes to dating and it has often gotten her into trouble.


Has a weakness for dating villains.


Though she graduated with honors from Hero High her career was haunted by her bad dating choices. Dating villains was seriously frowned upon by the League of Heroes.

Favourite Sayings

Would you like me to kiss your little boo boo?

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Image of Dr. Lena Hotlips (NPC)
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