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Summary: The power to pass into the other world.

June Aquos

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

Can become an actual ghost. While in this form, he can pass through objects and they pass through him. Can also converse with other ghosts. Is weak to forms of exorcism and such while in this form.

Physical Appearance

Is an average height, and has dark brown-black hair. Skin is a little paler then most, and has piercing blue eyes. Wears a black hoodie 24/7, and a light blue shirt beneath that. The oddest thing about him is that he is always wearing a gas mask.

Personality and Interests

Is a natural genius, and a quick learner. Sadly, he has social problems, and it isn't that he doesn't like talking to people anymore. He has become a sort of mute, and instead writes what he wants to say on paper instead of saying it.


He was always abused as a child. In school, at home, even in church (it was why he stopped going). All the abuse finally made him curl up himself like a turtle, and he started to shun the outside world. But the assaults still came. Finally, he applied for Hero High, and said goodbye to his old life forever.



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Image of June Aquos
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