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Summary: It all depends on the path in which you take

Lexie Lynn (NPC)

Gender: female

Age: 15

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

Lexie can turn invisible which makes it handy for Lexie to hide away more from people of for pulling pranks.
Lexie also has the powerr to create ice and use it however she wants (especialy useful for her pranks).

Physical Appearance

Lexie is short, thin, has grey eyes, long black hair, ear scaffolding piercing and a spider bite piercing.

Personality and Interests

Lexie is misunderstood, slightly insane, Shy, quiet and might seem a little cold hearted before you get to know her, tends to push people away if she worries she may hurt them.
Lexie likes to read, enjoys playing video games, likes to sing (although not in front of people) and enjoys pulling pranks on people.


Very misunderstood
Has trouble connecting with others and ruins that connection by testing friendships with pranks.


Lexie's dad see's her as a disappointment, her mother is off with another man, her relationship with her family is strained, through out Lexie's childhood she has been alone and is not great and making friends at all so she may come across as cold (quite literally) and seem's to push people away although she does not intend it.

Favourite Sayings

"I'm surrounded by complete morons"
"I'll give you one last chance to run away"
"What makes you so special"

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Image of Lexie Lynn (NPC)
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