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Alexander Pierce (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Student Hero


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Powers & Weakness

Power Mimicry - The ability to use other peoples powers.

-To gain someone's power, Alex must be in physical contact with them while he copies it.
-The more complicated the power, the longer it takes to copy and the harder it is to use.
-Alex, as only a mimicker of the original, is rarely more adept at using the power it then the owner.
- Alex can currently only hold onto one power at a time
-So far he is not aware of his ability, he thinks he just has super strength

Physical Appearance

Alexander stands at 6 feet tall, but slouches often, making him appear shorter. His skin is rather pale, and sets a sharp contrast against his jet black hair which is often a mess, a result of bad bed head. It hangs over his startling eyes that shine through as deep, dark-golden orbs. A bored expression is usually plastered across his face and a detached atmosphere follows him wherever he goes. His body is well toned, a result of the successes his father had in forcing him through training.

Personality and Interests

Most people cant tell if Alexander is tired or bored, but that void look in his eyes is always there. Alex maintains it as a way to keep people from interacting with him, as his main focus is getting good grades in school and becoming the best he can possibly be. The one thing he strives for is is fathers pride, although he knows he doesn't deserve it. He's constantly keeping one eye open, searching for opportunities that can help him reach his goal.


Alexander came to Hero High in order to escape his father's tyranny. As a famous Superhero with incredible amounts of strength, his father carried very high expectations for his only son. Unfortunately, Alexander failed to meet those. For the first 15 years of his life, Alex's father treated him poorly. Alex was a late bloomer, and until he finally developed his powers at age 16 his father shared his feelings of disappointment openly. He was called useless, weak, pathetic, a loser... All of this from the man who was supposed to be his father. But he deserved it. After all, it was his fault his father was so angry, so lost in rage. Alexander killed the only thing the man had ever loved when he was born into the world.

When Alex's powers finally did surface, things only seemed to get worse. Although he had the same super strength as his father, it wasn't enough. His father invited other young Supers over with the same power, a way to test him, but Alexander always came out as the loser. Even with Super Strength he was still weak, he was still a failure. Finally, his father decided that he had had enough. He registered Alexander into Hero High and made it clear. If Alex couldn't become something his father could be proud of by the end of his lessons, then he could just disappear. There wouldn't be a place for him at home any longer.

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