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Summary: I'm like a locomotive, I don't stop!

Andre Gail

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Villain



Powers & Weakness

Andre can move at a speed faster than any normal human body could even withstand. His brain can process information and a super human rate as well, so that he can literally think on the run. In order to support his extremely fast speed, his body has extreme endurance and stamina, being able to withstand forces that would rip others apart. His heart beats extremely fast in order to get oxygen to all of his muscles and organs at a rate that won't have him pass out. Due to self experimentation, Andre has mutated bacteria flowing through his veins that destroy other harmful bacteria, and do so at a supernatural rate. His body also regenerates at a superhuman rate, meaning scrapes take minutes to heal, and most mortal wounds are gone within hours.

Because his body and his abilities are so demanding, Andre has to eat sweets constantly, and eats sugar to increase his speed even further. Upon eating enough sugar, he enters hyper mode, where his body produces a sort of super adrenaline that reacts with the chemicals in his body, causing his eyes to glow and his body to exceed supersonic speeds. He can also think at a much faster rate, at the cost of having less speed. He perceives the world slower since his thoughts in real time are shooting by so fast. He often does this in the midst of battle, or simply when he wants to relax.

Physical Appearance

Andre stands at five feet and about seven inches. He weighs around 156 lbs. Andre's skin is a pasty white, and has black hair. His eyes are bright, vibrantly white, and glow when he gets hyper.

Personality and Interests

Andre is a genius, an extremely fast individual, and quite strong, but he is also an impulsive, obnoxious brat. He believes that no one is faster than him, and he likes to race, but he doesn't feel the need to actually prove it, and is usually not bothered by taunts of others. However, he cannot turn down a challenge, simply because he loves the thrill and adrenaline he gets. But Andre is not heartless. He can be difficult, but he can also be nice to those he cares about. And he hates to see those people hurt.


Due to self experimintaion, Andre only needs a steady supply of sugar to keep himself energized, so much that he doesn't even need to sleep. However, a lack of sugar makes him even slower and less energetic than a person should be at his age.

He will often charge right into battle, hardly ever thinking first.


Andre has made history as one of the first villians ever, though he was never really serious. He has went toe to toe with a few super humans, but when the world was reset, several important people were missing, such as his arch nemesis, Ghast. Without these people, Andre's life has come to a halt, until now. After laying low for a nice amount of time, his record has been wiped clean by an unknown force. He will be attending Hero High, in the ultimate plan devised by a certain magician, "Operation: Trojan Kid" which may actually work...probably.

Favourite Sayings

"I've been there, I've done that, so shut up!"

"Why'd you stop running?"

"Jeez, you're slow kid!"

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Image of Andre Gail
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