Image of Michael Steel (Missing)

Summary: Hasn't been seen for nearly a year now.

Michael Steel (Missing)

Gender: Male

Age: Presumably 18

Group: Other



Powers & Weakness

Michael draws magical energy from an unknown source, giving him near infinite power. Except, he is so careless with it, that almost nothing goes to plan. He uses several invisible props and illusions to scare or trick his enemies into submission.

Physical Appearance

When last seen, he stood at five feet and nine inches, weighed 175 lbs. Often wore eccentric yellow clothing. His hair was blonde and his eyes are blue.

Personality and Interests

Micheal is insane, sadistic, seductive (at times) and somehow still the worst and best leader and friend ever. Micheal has an extremely eccentric personality, and usually manages to remain dominant in most of his relationships. His relationship with his best friend and partner in crime, Andre, is extremely complicated, but they both depend on each other and they both know each other well.


When he isn't terrorizing students or... Experimenting on students, he's making plans. Only, these plans are hardly ever thought out. Not really meant to be a serious villain, but wouldn't have it any other way.


He has been through a lot with Andre, usually having some sort of power from above to assist his pal down below, but where ever Andre is, Micheal is likely to be around the corner. Or at least, that was how it used to be. After the Shy'N invasion, Michael has gone missing, and is presumed to be dead. No one, not even his best friend Andre, knows where he has vanished off to. For the latter, such a traumatic experience was life changing.

Favourite Sayings

"I love pointy, sharp, deadly things, how about you?"

"No, I'm not crazy, I'm completely insane!"

"What scares you more? The chainsaw or the flamethrower?"

"I think you need to cool off, so I got a gallon of liquid nitrogen, just for you."

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Image of Michael Steel (Missing)
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