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Summary: A dapper villain with a knack for causing mayhem, destruction, and making music

Jack (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Villain



Powers & Weakness

Can blast pure sound (or music) from his fingertips

Physical Appearance

Jack wears fancy clothing and always wears a hockey mask for reasons unknown

Personality and Interests

Likes to make music from thin air
Loves to blast people backwards with soundwaves
Hates having his music dissed
Hates being alone


Jack used to live with his parents in a large fancy house. One day, his parents went to a Motley Crue concert and never came back. They were killed by an unknown assailant. The source of Jack's powers are currently unknown. He discovered his powers at the age of 7 by accidentally sending his dad out of the front window of his house after hearing a jack in the box go off.


"Make that bass drop"
"You wanna go deaf?"
"Bangarang, bitch!"

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Image of Jack  (NPC)
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