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Summary: A psych-user who needs to find his badges.

Mep Trimain

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Student Sidekick



Powers & Weakness

Although he doesn't know it, he actually has a terrifying power that is used through different badges. Although there is no way to figure out if it's just a normal badge or an actual badge with a power for him to use. The only badge he has right now is like an invisible sword, and until he is able to find more badges to use, he is of little use other then being support.

Physical Appearance

Look at picture.

Personality and Interests

Mep is cheerful enough, some people say too friendly. And that kind of sets him apart from everyone. Sure, people will refer to him as their friend, but it was always like the friend that they would never really consider as their first choice if they were to make pairs in gym, or pick partners in science. He's also a major scatterbrain, and sometimes, even when he remembers, he won't do it because he doesn't want to. His main goal is to collect every and all of the badges that he can.


Mep was a little bit of a scatterbrain growing up, and as a result, he often lost badges that he collected. He finally resorted to pinning the badges to his coat, and just never had to forget his coat from then on. Heading to HH in hopes that he can find a few badge and maybe some people to help him find them, and become a hero.



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Image of Mep Trimain
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