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Summary: Two-face

Willa (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Villain


Cipher, demonic dream, Will

Powers & Weakness

She can haunt your dreams and make you feel pain. Wherever she draws an eye of providence, she can see from wherever she places it, like spy gear. She can also teleport. She can't break a deal or she will die, but she also twists words around, so be careful when you make a deal with her.

Physical Appearance

She only has one visible eye, the other is kept hidden, and she always has a formal, yet insane look.

Personality and Interests

She was born a psychopath, and is very two faced. A trickster, playing with your mind.




"Don't close your eyes, they may never open again~"

"Pain his hilarious!"

She also often sings the song, September's rhyme.

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Image of Willa (NPC)
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