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Summary: An unfortunate casualty of the Shy'N war.

McQueen Storme

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Dead



Powers & Weakness

McQueen is an incredibly strong individual, and can deliver levels of force that her body shouldn't be able to reach. Uses telekinesis as a sort of amplifier for her punches.

She likes to rush into combat, and her strength is really her only... Well... Strength.

Physical Appearance

Stands at 5'11, wears dark, usually fashionable clothing, and shades, always.

Personality and Interests

Queen is mostly reserved, and has a patient personality, but when she does let loose, you best run.


Not usually willing get involved in things that don't involve her, but others being bullied or treated unfairly is a big exeption. Almost exclusively fights when enraged.


While most when looking into her history will see her rich parents, her pampered lifestyle, and her near endless supply of fine dining and delicious drinks. But behind all of that is her less than humble beginnings. Her parents both died in a horrific car accident, and being the introverts that were, they made sure to move far from their family with little to no contact. Almost no one knew, and those who did know, didn't care. So little Queen went from home to home as a foster child, were she was treated with little to no respect. Eventually, she ran, were she truly met the coldness of the street. She begged daily, her age being her only advantage against the other street trash, and she eventually found herself knee-deep in crime in order to provide for herself. When she was busted during a robbery at the age of 11, she was dragged back into the foster program. She was expecting yet another bitter, cold-hearted foster parent, and that was exactly what she got, but being five stories up and having her bedroom at the heart of a mansion with security that rivaled Alcatraz, sneaking out wasn't exactly an option. She was practically trained to be a goody-two-shoes, and even practiced honing her power, a power she had never taken advantage of until then. Now being part of Hero High, her still bitter mother hopes she can turn her daughter into a hero, indirectly of course, and not look like a fool for raising a street kid.

Favourite Sayings

"You've just p*ssed me off, congratulations."

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Image of McQueen Storme
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