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Summary: Major Victory is a vain but kind hero who stands for justice and hair care.

Major Victory

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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Hero



Powers & Weakness

Can levitate and is never knocked down; super-strength with ny-invulnerability; can jump 375 feet straight up; can go 25 minutes without air; super-acute vision; can manipulate sound waves to create noises or throw his voice.

Physical Appearance

Chris Watters aka Major Victory is a middle aged man in great shape and his hair.

Personality and Interests

Chris Watters aka Major Victory loves to sing karaoke with other superheroes, and he practices yoga when he isn't fighting crime. He got his powers from an accidental explosion at a speaker-testing facility.


Deaf in left ear.
Lactose intolerant.
Looses composure when his hair is messed up


Chris Watters aka Major Victory is the product of several generations of heroes. He was brought up with love and kindness and has always been fascinated by hair care products. He works for his parents in their hair salon when not fighting crime.

Favourite Sayings

"How's my hair?"
"Be a winner, not a wiener!"

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Image of Major Victory
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