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Summary: A Christian shapeshifer who is joyful, enthusiastic, and curious with crazy multiple personalities.

Hakham Samuel Davidson

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

Can manipulate his body growth to form any shape, color, or consistency and can asexually reproduce. Some drawbacks are that it takes concentration and time to make major changes. He has a tremendous appetite as he must consume as much mass as he produces and although his clones start as exact duplicates they sometimes produce separate personalities. He is also allergic to shellfish. He has developed the ability to eat some non-food items to fuel his powers, but this causes adverse reactions because of his weak bladder when he eats something he can't use. (Not always available.)

He has got in the habit of having an exoskeleton that looks like clothes and skin, but is hard to the touch. This is to prevent getting hurt from Yakol’s occasional malicious “pranks”. He has also gotten used to getting hurt and quickly repairing the damage. His regeneration is slower when he is not in his human form.

Physical Appearance

always has red hair, blue eyes and white skin in human form. He likes to keep a skinny figure but is often fat, especially when practicing his powers.

When traveling he grows a pair of white feathery wings to fly.

He makes it look like his clothes are plain and they have no words. if the sun hits him just right he has a pretty gleam.

Personality and Interests

He is lighthearted, kind, polite, and respectful of authority. He is honest and follows a strict code of morals. He likes helping others less fortunate than himself and is always seeking out new things to learn. He especially loves philosophy and science. He is discouraged after finding out he is Yakol's clone and has worked to form a friendship with him. He is trying to find out how he wants to live his life after he graduates before that happens.


Has a mild case of Dissociative Identity Disorder. He is naive and sheltered. He has trouble connecting with peers and will often make friends with people older or younger than himself. Has an optimistic view on life, but a pessimistic view of human nature. His uncertainty about the future makes him stressed.

Has a clone of himself made 10 years ago that sometimes helps or hinders him.


He was home schooled by his Jewish/Christian parents for most of his life, as his powers became more pronounced they found out about Hero High and decided to enroll him. He is the first person with superpowers in his family. He helped stop a mugging once, but most of the crime in his hometown of Little Ledge was prevented by Dart, his childhood hero.

Favourite Sayings

"There is more than one way to do this." "Altogether now." "Have you meet my twin?" "We reap what we sow."

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Image of Hakham Samuel Davidson
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