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Summary: A pessimistic, knowledge perusing gender shifter with unrealistic thoughts of grandeur.

Yakol Samuel Davidson

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Gender: Changes between the two.

Age: 18

Group: Other


The Over-comer (Self given name.)

Hero and Villan name: Red shifter.

Powers & Weakness

Same as Hakham,
Can manipulate his body growth to form any shape, color, or consistency and can asexually reproduce. Some drawbacks are that it takes concentration and time to make major changes. He has a tremendous appetite as he must consume as much mass as he produces and although his clones start as exact duplicates they sometimes produce separate personalities. He is also allergic to shellfish.

He has echolocation that he never gets rid of to use whenever he can't see and to assist him whenever he does something criminal.

He has made his skeleton stronger than normal and created protective barriers around his vital organs to prevent him getting killed easily from sneak attacks.

He can't mimic voices very well, but he can change the sound of his voice.

Physical Appearance

Likes to blend into the background, otherwise he always has red hair, blue eyes and white skin in human form. He likes to keep a skinny figure but is often fat, especially when practicing her powers. Prefers to be female most of the time, but becomes male when needed. He likes to have his hair be shoulder length.

Often grows a pair of leathery bat-like wings when flying.

Personality and Interests

Paranoid and suspicious of others. He saw Hakham’s beliefs and actions as idiotic and has tried to kill Hakham in the early years of their existence because he belived he is the original. He peruses knowledge as a source of power and seeks his personal growth above anything else. He always sees his actions as right if they are benefiting him. He hates copies of himself running about and will often try to kill them if he runs into them. His distain for copies of himself have lessened enough to live with his family, even if this causes frequent problems for Sam and Hakham.

He is flirty with both genders and although he views himself as better than everyone else he will try to convince anyone to become his friend.

He has a personal dislike for Major Victory, even though he will look like him when it is an appropriate disguise.

Has a platonic fascination with Sky which makes her one of the few people who can convince Yakol to grow.


Bad memory, and worse communication skills. Has a mild case of Dissociative Identity Disorder, but he denies this. He takes the pessimistic nature to an extreme always looking for something bad to happen. Believes he would never get caught for a crime because of his powers. Very selfish, and often impulsive


His parents didn't know he existed in the early years, he avoided homeschooling because his parents thought the two boys were one in the same mind. He has stopped and committed a few minor crimes, but never got caught for them. After the battle of the Shy'N he has helped rebuild and commit crimes to support his desires. Hakham and him have been working at forming a friendship as Yakol was tired of always being alone and hiding from police and heros.

Favourite Sayings

"Knowledge is power." "I apologize for being paranoid." "I can do better."

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Image of Yakol Samuel Davidson
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