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Summary: A clone who has distinguished himself from his originator and made friends.


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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Student Hero



Powers & Weakness

He has a sectioned body and is able to change into different animal parts. He also has a fast regeneration if he looses a limb. He also has fire breath and gills.

The downside is that no two adjacent sections can be the same. Regeneration makes him Hungary and slower to react. He is also allergic to shellfish.

Physical Appearance

His normal appearance has human head and hands, he has white feathery wings, an armored scaly chest, a furry waist, and he has either human legs or talons at different times but is talons more often.

In battle mode he trades hands for claws (Lion, Tiger, or Bear) and his tail becomes a large lizard tail. If things are super intense he will change his head to that of a bird of prey or a carnivore.

He doesn't like to wear clothes. He will often wear a tee shirt and shorts, but he only wears other clothes on special occasions. His favorite shirts say #1 Chimera He has red hair with streaks of blond with grey tips

Personality and Interests

He doesn't like synthetic clothes. He can be possessive of his friends and he does all he can to spend time with them. He struggles with nature vs. nurture and desires to be good while knowing he started out bad. He want's to leave a legacy when he dies. Because of the change in his powers he researches and studies different animals to improve himself.

He likes Zach and Shar better than Hakham. He dislikes Yakol very much.


He can be reckless at times and prioritizes the lives of his friends over his own. He struggles with selfishness and can be childish. He hates being alone and can be clingy to his friends. He is more reserved and paranoid when Yakol is nearby.


Sam was originally created with a group of clones by Yakol. He set out to distinguish himself as a unique individual. He had the power to shape shift into anything, but due to his powers being shut of and turned on again he is now sectioned. He claims Zack as his best friend because Zack showed him kindness when Sam first set out on his journey of self discovery. He still retains all of Yakol's memories from before he was created.

He originally had a week to live, but coming into contact with Zack's power negator destroyed the self destruct Yakol put in him. He is very grateful to Zack for this and teases about having a life debt.

He now lives with Hakham and they sometimes do brotherly activities together. Their parents treat him like Hakham's younger brother.

Favourite Sayings

"Life is short" "clothes are itchy." "What should we do next" "Chimera strikes again"

When greeting Zack and Sharona, "The power trio is back together"

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