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Summary: The Shy'N are are a parasitic race that hunger for life on planets.

The Shy'N

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Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Group: Other


Space Parasites

Powers & Weakness

Copy: The Shy'N are are a parasitic race that can take the form of anyone they touch including clothes.

Deep Sleep: The Shy'N can inject a toxin from their fingers to tranquilize most an victim till the antidote is given.

Alien Weapons: The Shy'N use very advanced DNA encoded blasters and bombs.

Smoker Ships: The Shy'N use large squid like walking ships that produce large amounts of smog to block out the light and heavy cannons to blast enemies.

Regeneration: Can regenerate most wounds except for damage to the eye.

Physical Appearance

The look like a white and black melted wax-like humanoid. They rarely talk to their victims and lack any distinctive feature except for one large red eye.

Personality and Interests

The Shy'N only care about harvesting worlds till they are used up and then they move on.


Vulnerable to sunlight: Sunlight burns their flesh like a vampire.


The are rumored to be planet killers that move through space like locust looking for a new planet to devour. Between their travel times they are usually in a deep stasis.

Unknown to Earth during the attack a huge mothership is sending large amounts of meteors toward Earth and each one is filled with a Squid Smog Walker. Inside the Walkers are the light sensitive Shy'N who are reproduced in the Walkers by the thousands. They have numbers on their sides.

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Image of The Shy'N
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