Lunch time

After 4 classes, Megan finally got to eat lunch. She sat at a table where no one else was. She unzipped her black lunch box and took out her peanut butter/jelly sandwich. She took a bite and savored the taste, her favorite food was peanut butter. She heard a voice behind her and a sharp poke on her shoulder "Hey, white hair girl." She wiped her mouth with a napkin and turned around. A blonde girl standing in front of three other girls looked at her with an evil smirk. "Get up, this is my table." Megan did as she was told, she got up from her seat, but with her red hoodie hanging over her face, only filigreeing her one evil smirk. "And what makes you think....that this is your table? What if I want it?" The lunch room fell quiet, apparently, no one had stood up to her. "They named you a hero and now you think you're above me? Hmph." The blonde girl's eyes turned red, a red glow appeared over the table. She picked the table up by levitating it and threw it at Megan. Megan grabbed it with her mind, not raising a hand towards it, and turned it back. "You look must not be used to someone else using their powers against yours." Megan smirked and threw the table at them "Why don't you, sit down?" She landed the table onto of the girls, forcing them onto their backs. She grabbed her lunch, and walked to another table.

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