The Big Red Button

Andre was surprised that one button could destroy an entire country.

"But my favorite YouTuber lives there." He complained, but they were serious.

The peer pressure got to him, and without thinking, he quickly pressed it.

"Uh oh."

he was officially a villain, he had killed.

"I've gotta go."

He vibrated away and ran to his house.

"What the heck did I just do?

He pulled at his hair. His heart belated faster.



He punched the button on his chest and paused.

"BOOM!!!" Was all that could be heard, as he broke straight trough the stone ceiling and jumped on high, landing on the floating mass of land that Hero High sat on.

"He noticed a figure, pushing people around with some type of force. He ran to he him and said,"Who-who-who are you?"

Seeing the boy terrorising kids he prepared to vibrate if the boy mistaked him for a hero.

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