Lunch and a Show

Megan looked at Zach, who had just introduced himself and asked her kindly for no trouble. "How do you know it was me?" She smiled, not in a sassy way, but a kind way, then walked off. She didn't introduce herself, barely even talked. Her long white hair swayed behind her as she walked higher up the bleachers and sat in her spot. She pushed one side of her hair behind her ear and began to read a book until the testing was over.

Zach smiled and nervously rubbed the back of his head as the strange girl walked away then replied, “Ummmm ok. So like we are cool then right? Umm like nice meeting you.” Zach turned around and exhaled, as he was glad he didn’t get beat up again. Trying to protect Sharona’s ego was a full time job for him and he was always scared to see her upset. Zach flashed back to the last time Sharona got angry with someone when they were both ten years old. Zach remembered the teenagers with pit bulls who tormented him relentlessly for fun. Zach was so scared the dogs would tear him apart as he was cornered into the fence. When Sharona came to Zach’s aid with her exploding ghost attack the teens let go of the dogs and panicked while the dogs attacked Zach. Zach remembered the pain of the dog’s teeth as they clamped down hard on his frail body and shook him violently. Sharona then turned her ghosts loose on the dogs, as she was furious that they hurt her best friend Zach. As the tears rolled down Sharona’s eyes her anger got out of control to the point she where she practically destroyed the whole park. Zach remembered how terrified he was at her powers going out of control. The only reason she even stopped was because Zach begged her to. It was at that moment when Zach was barely standing in pain as blood leaked from the dog bites on his body, that Sharona began to tremble in fear.

Sharona quickly hugged Zach and held him tight as she cried. Not only was Sharona worried about Zach’s safety but she also fear her powers when she was angry. It was at that moment that he fully understood why Sharona acted the way she did. Since then Zach has always given into Sharona’s demands because he never wanted to see her cry or get angry again. As far as Zach was concerned Sharona was his best friend and the closest thing to a normal family he had since his deadbeat father was out chasing women all the time. After Coach Canton was done she dismissed the freshmen to their next set of classes.

At lunchtime Zach found a nice small round table in the corner of the lunchroom. After cleaning the table off and then laying a table cloth and pulling out two boxed lunches out for Sharona and himself, he pulled the chair out and seated Sharona as if he was her waiter. At first Sharona was still acting a bit aristocratic till she put down her umbrella and opened her lunch box. As first Sharona smiled with delight but quickly became serious again and said, “I see you are appealing to my nicer side today. Did you bring the soy sauce?” Zach pulled out the small bottle from his bag and placed it in front of Sharona. Sharona smirked as she replied, “Relax Zach I just want to enjoy my lunch and ignore the others, but if they ruin this for me I may loose my temper.” Zach nervously smiled as he replied, “I’ll do my best to keep that from happening ok Shar?” Sharona didn’t respond as she was really enjoying the boiled squid and white rice that Zach prepared for her. Sharona loved seafood and knew Zach had to get up early to make her favorite meal for lunch. Deep down she enjoyed that he doted on her so much and really appreciated his friendship even if she didn’t tell or show him. Many nights when she was young she woke up crying from her nightmares and since Zach spent the night at her house on a regular basis he always came to aid with a hug. Since they grew up with parent issues they learned to depend on each other a lot. Zach was the only one who was there when Sharona was at her weakest and has been there since then. However things changed when Sharona turned thirteen and her feelings for Zach grew stronger, but out of fear of rejection she kept her feelings hidden. Sharona would never admit to Zach she wanted to be more than friends with him since she knew he was easily distracted by pretty girls and was very immature when it came to that kind of relationship.

After 4 classes, Megan finally got to eat lunch. She sat at a table where no one else was. She unzipped her black lunch box and took out her peanut butter/jelly sandwich. She took a bite and savored the taste; her favorite food was peanut butter. She heard a voice behind her and a sharp poke on her shoulder "Hey, white hair girl." She wiped her mouth with a napkin and turned around. A blonde girl standing in front of three other girls looked at her with an evil smirk. "Get up, this is my table." Megan did as she was told, she got up from her seat, but with her red hoodie hanging over her face, only filigreeing her one evil smirk. "And what makes you think....that this is your table? What if I want it?" The lunchroom fell quiet; apparently, no one had stood up to her. "They named you a hero and now you think you're above me? Hmph." The blonde girl's eyes turned red, a red glow appeared over the table. She picked the table up by levitating it and threw it at Megan. Megan grabbed it with her mind, not raising a hand towards it, and turned it back. "You look must not be used to someone else using their powers against yours." Megan smirked and threw the table at them "Why don't you, sit down?" She landed the table onto of the girls, forcing them onto their backs. She grabbed her lunch, and walked to another table.

Zach and Sharona were interrupted by the upperclassmen picking a fight with the freshmen. Sharona said, “Hmmmppp. That girl is like a magnet for trouble. Zach I want you to keep away from her and if the upperclassmen give you any attitude tell them you’re my pet and if they have a problem they can take it up with me.” Zach smiled nervously at the serious Sharona, but deep down he knew she was being over protective again. Zach replied, “Don’t worry Shar since I have different classes I won’t see them much except in the halls.” Just then a good-looking upper classman hero walked up to Sharona and said, “Hey good looking how about we become good friends?” Then the male Hero shoved Zach out of his chair and said, “Move it loser.” After Zach fell and rolled over to see what just happened, Sharona looked seriously at the slightly older Hero and said, “NOT INTERESTED!” Suddenly several ghosts came out of Sharona and passed through the Hero and rendered him helpless. The Hero fell out of the chair he stole from Zach and onto his hands and knees as he began to cry and act extremely depressed by saying he wished he was never born.

Zach got back up and sat back in his chair as Sharona smiled as she said, “Much better I prefer a little entertainment with my meals.” Zach nervously smiled as he looked at the depressed Hero on the floor next to him.


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