New Developments

Megan, who now had her earphones in, didn't pay attention to anything going on around her, until she heard a thud, then another thud. She took her head phones out and looked into the direction of the girl, who had been in the bleachers with the juice box, standing up for her friend. She smiled, but soon feeling bad for the upperclassmen, used her blood bending power, to remove the depression, or poison, in a way, from his veins. She only had to look in their direction to do it, but quickly turned away when they looked back at her. It seemed to have gotten the girl mad for helping the person who was rude, but Megan just smirked and walked off to her next class. She left without anything in her hands, she didn't pick anything up and throw it away, so maybe that's why a couple people were confused as to why there was nothing on her table, even though she had a lunch. She pulled her red hoodie over her face, and swiftly/quietly walked through the halls....smirking.

Sharona was not amused by the upperclassman recovering and quickly leaving her presence. Sharona looked around the room till she saw the girl from gym class. Sharona fixated on the girl as she left the lunchroom. Zach turned to see who Sharona was looking at just in time to see the same girl leaving with her hoodie on. Zach said, "What was that all about Shar?" Sharona replied, "That girl helped that jerk recover from my negative ghost." Zach looked confused as he asked, "How could you know it was her?" Sharona looked at Zach and replied, " Whenever anyone with super powers uses their powers they leave a spiritual trail or finger print behind. Since most people can't see the spirit world that trail goes unnoticed, but you already know my father and I can see the spirit world. So when she attacked my juice box I could clearly see her aura was glowing and even through they were faint I could see the spiritual residue on my juice box. Then when she was moving the table around it was very clear to me what she was doing."

Zach looked confused as he replied, "She is a Telekinetic right? Since she moved things with her mind." Sharona smirked as she replied, "That would seem to look like what she was doing, but her aura was very different and she proved there was more to her when she healed the jerk crying on the floor." Zach looked back at the girl who was already gone and said, "No wonder you wanted me to stay away from her." Sharona nodded as she replied, "Her type is far more dangerous than the others who like to show off because she bottles things up and lives in a mystery." Zach looked at Sharona and was about to say something when Sharona replied, "If you compare me to her I will make you cry all night." Zach nervously replied, "Of course I would never do that. I was just going to ask if the lunch was to your liking." Sharona almost laughed by Zach's comment but kept it together and replied, "It was good and don't think I'll let you off the hook either. You owe me and dad dinner tonight." Zach nervously rubbed the back of his head mas he laughed and replied, "Of course Shar I look forward to it and then maybe if your in a good mood you can help me with my homework?" Sharona rolled her eyes as she replied, "I knew you were sucking up to me for a reason."

After lunch Zach cleaned up and put the lunch boxes away in his bag as they got ready for class. Then Zach carried Sharona's backpack as he walked her to class. Then after Sharona dismissed him, Zach raced of to his classroom at the other end of the hall before the bell rang.


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