Carnival - Missing Persons

"Aww, you got a good heart, Gray," Sally Jo admitted. She tipped up the brim of her hat a little. "When you go and put it that way, how could we do anything else? Let's go and find this cowpoke and then we'll see about that 'good time' you said you could show me."

Sally Jo held out a hand, about at the level of her navel. "So, girlie's about yea high. Strawberry blonde hair, in pigtails, with little dangly blue fobs on the end, if I'm recallin' proper. And, lessee, she was wearin' a yellow sundress too, I remember. Fraid I can't remember what she had on her feet, and I never got her name, either. I'da paid more attention if I thought she was gonna up and get herself lost." Sally Jo grimaced. "Reckon we'd be best startin' lookin' back where we first found this critter," she held up the bunny, "Since that's the last place we know she mighta been."

Back at the area near the music stage, however, there was no sign of the girl, nor of her mother. Sally Jo crouched down and looked at the trodden ground, but soon gave up and stood again, shaking her head. "Too many people trompin' through here to try and find any kinda footprints. Might as well be lookin' for a lost pony in a stampede." She huffled, blowing a loose strand of purple hair out of her eyes.

Sally Jo looked at Gray. "Don't s'pose you have any special talents that might help find missin' people, do ya? Super-senses or somethin' thereabouts? If we had us a super-nose, maybe they could get the scent of this here bunny and track it back to where she's at."

Just then, the tinny loudspeakers that permeated the fairgrounds crackled to life.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I please have your attention," the announcer said, through the hiss and static. "It has come to our attention that we have uh, a number of parents reporting missing children at the fairgrounds. As such, we would like to ask all of our guests to please help in locating any children who appear to be missing their parents. Children, if you have lost your parents, please return to the information booth to wait for them there. Again, children should wait for their parents at the information booth. Thank you all, and enjoy the carnival."

"Well ain't that somethin'," Sally Jo looked at Gray. "Guess our little girl ain't the only one gone missin' today. This kinda thing happen a lot at these carnivals..?" Sally Jo, trailed off. She was looking past Gray now.

Across the way, standing next to one of the rickety fairground buildings, was the same creepy looking clown that they'd seen early. He was watching them, with an unsettling leer. As soon as he noticed that he was seen, he started to slowly shuffle off, in his oversized shoes, until he vanished around the corner of the building and out of sight.

"This planet has a real clown problem," Sally Jo shook her head. "They oughtta make 'em illegal."

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