OOC - Mep at the Carnival

Welcome to the scene, Mep!

I'm gonna let Gentlemandoctor have a chance before I post more, just thought I'd mention a few things that might be helpful.

- Don't forget to use the tags for characters in the posts. It really helps keep track of who is in what scene.

- For the Carnival scenes, prefix the title with "Carnival -" so other folks know at a glance which they are.

- It's helpful if you give a little bit of backstory/setting to explain what Mep's been doing at the Carnival, up to this point, so that the other players know how to react to his arrival.

Just as an aside, the children have been vanishing, and (OOC knowledge here) they are being taken by a cult of evil clown creatures. They are being held at the Funhouse, in the basement, so if Mep has some ability to locate them, he might point the players that-a-way.

Have fun!

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