Carnival - F'in clowns

"Shh..." Gray said looking out of the corner of his eye "act normal but look just over there under the bleachers that clown from before." Gray noted. "Sally Jo, that is the same one right.... even if its not just keep talking like its normal" he said "when he leaves I'll follow him to see where he goes no one stands like that and is normal." Gray said casually like he was just talking to some friends like a normal day. "He shouldn't even be able to get in here its Band only when there isn't a show and that clown doesn't look like a drummer." Gray then tapped his foot and slowly said. "We need to go. I will explain outside." his voice was nervous and staggered.

(OOC: sorry for taking so long i wanted to type something longer then a few words and couldn't think of any thing."

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