Carnival - Not Clowning Around

"Thinkin' that not a whole lot of folks care for clowns, hereabouts," Sally Jo grimaced. "I'll make an exception for rodeo clowns, but they ain't nearly as creepy as those guys walkin' around the fairgrounds." She gave Gray a nod, moving to follow him out. "Howdy, I'm Sally Jo, by the way." She offered a hand in greetings to Mep. "Don't recollect makin' your acquaintance before. This here's Gray," she indicated the other boy with a jerk of her thumb. "We go to school together. Though maybe I reckon you do too, what with your strange badges or whatever they are. But if you know any way to find missin' kids, we're glad for the help."

Once they were outside, Sally Jo looked to Gray. "So what's the lowdown on our creepy clown friend? Something occur to you?"

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