First Day at School

It was early in the morning and Zach was waiting at the bus stop. He was excited to be attending Hero High for the first time. Since Zach's dad, (Disco Flash) was hardly around, Zach learned to take care of himself. As Zach sat waiting for the bus he saw Sharona dragging herself to the bus stop. Sharona was definitely not a morning person and dreaded that Zach was usually perky in the morning. As Sharona sipped her canned espresso coffee while wearing sunglasses she groaned that she had to go to school. As Zach tried to cheer her up she began to get hostile with him till Jack pulled out his whole-maid Death by Chocolate brownies. As Sharona looked at Zach's peace offering her anger quickly mellowed as the smell of his desert weakened her resolve. They had been friends to long and he was well aware how to make her happy.

As Sharona took one of the brownies she quickly ate it in small bites as she savored each moment till it was all gone. Then Sharona looked at Zach who had a goofy look on his face and said, "I forgive you.....for now." Zach then said, "What do you think of my new look?" Sharona looked at Zach and replied, "You look like a cosplay reject." Zach replied, "Awww why you gotta be like that? I look cool and this outfit wasn't cheap." Sharona asked, "You know it doesn't matter what you wear when they find out your a walking glowstick." Zach replied, "But Shar, I have it all planned out." Sharona ignored Zach as she finished her canned coffee and then crushed the can and tossed it into a neighbors trash can.

It didn't take long before the school bus came by and picked up Zach and Sharona. Zach wasn't sure if he was on the right bus so he asked the bus driver only to be ignored and told to sit down. After a regular bus ride the new students found themselves being driven off a cliff. As the students panicked and cried for help the bus lifted off like a jet and flew upwards to a floating school. The bus driver was laughing as the freshmen panicked. After landing at Hero High the freshmen got off the buss and did their best to attend the assembly.

At the Assembly Principle Carson gave a big welcoming speech to the freshmen and returning students as she introduced the staff. The staff included many members including Professor Campo, Coach Canton and Mr. Marsters. After the assembly the staff directed the confused and lost members to the gym where Coach Canton would determine if they were a hero or sidekick. The school resembled a normal school in many ways till someone with powers decided to show off.

Zach and Sharona sat impatiently as waited in a long line to be tested by Coach Canton. Zach hoped he could be a hero like Sharona, while Sharona was concerned Zach was in over his head.

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