OOC - For those who missed this

STAR*** I reset reality so we are back to day 1 of Hero High.

Some of the players like posting a lot of little posts so you most likely missed this post.

FYI I had Nikslitslepmur alter reality to change current story lines since it got real confusing for some of us.

Below is my 1st day of school post as an example to go by.

Think the movie "Sky High" as a reference.

***Also to prevent from having a hundred posts in one day between two players try contacting each other via email and work on a few longer post to add to the story without clogging up the reading flow for others. It makes it hard for others to see where they are when they have to scroll back 20 plus pages between 2 players.

A few issues came up when Dave Ball updated the OW site and I already reported them to him. The Summary section is inactive and the FLAW section was removed.

I fixed the FLAW section so please check your characters for any text shifting. Please make sure your character has a flaw to keep them in balance.

If you need artwork for your characters profile please let me know and I can help.

If you have any suggestions or game ideas please run them by the mods.

Please do not post more than five times a day since it makes it hard for others to keep up with the story. I know you are excited but often I have trouble keeping up with to many posts at the end of my day and with all the grammar mistakes it sometimes is very confusing to read.

As for the school itself please email the mods if you are planning to destroy the school for fun or vengeance. It has been done a lot in the past and the school has several defenses for such an attack such as shields, mechs, heroes, sidekicks and traps using tech, magic, celestial, cosmic, holy and unholy power. There is also the League of Super Heroes that protect the world and the school who graduated from Hero High such as Molecuo, Dr. Orhheus, Jefferson Starlight, Al Chemist, Disco Flash and so on.

Thanks and have fun,

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