speed search

Sean didn't take long to find Anti- Hakham. He speed back to Hakham speaking fast. "whoa, slow down" Hakham said trying to get Sean to slow down. "Library... Missing...Girls..." were the words Hakham made out, but he could guess what was going on. The library in his hometown had the same problem on more than one occasion, and Hakham had been at fault a few of those times. He turned to Sean, "Alright lets go back to the library, this time please wait up for me."

Upon entering the library they could tell that a lot of books were missing. Upon searching the library, they came across a book fort in the back and saw two female versions of Hakham stacking more books on top of it. Upon seeing Hakham they got a worried look on their faces. Hakham turned to Sean "Would, you help me put these books back in their proper place?" As he said that the two clones started forming blades from their hands, "Leave and let us read in peace." Hakham turned to Sean, "On second thought, please go get back up."

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